Small change, big effect: 5 simple tips for a healthy diet
Small change, big effect: 5 simple tips for a healthy diet

Small change, big effect: 5 simple tips for a healthy diet

Finally eating healthy - a goal that many people have for the new year. Depending on how your diet has looked so far, this can be quite overwhelming at first. Giving up all "food sins" at the same time is a big challenge for many people. Do you also not know where to start? Then this article is just right for you, because we show you 5 easy-to-implement tips for a healthy diet that still have a big impact.

Tips Healthy Eating

1. drink water

This tip is really easy to implement: drink water instead of juices, lemonades, energy drinks and the like. These contain empty calories that neither fill you up nor give you the energy you need. A few examples: A 0.5 litre apple spritzer of a well-known brand in the shops brings 125 calories, a white soda or cola, also 0.5 litres, 210 calories and beer 215 calories. Depending on how much you drink of these, it adds up quickly. For comparison, a woman aged 25-50 has a calorie requirement of 1900 calories.

If you find it hard to drink only water, why not try the different types of spiced or herbal teas? Also our Base tea is a delicious change from normal water.

2. replace individual ingredients with healthier alternatives

You don't necessarily have to discard all your recipes, often "unhealthy" recipes become directly healthier when you change individual ingredients. For example, if you bake something, use wholemeal flour instead of white flour. Wholemeal flour contains a lot of healthy fibre, secondary plant substances and minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium. In our shop you will find various Germinated wholemeal flours. You can also replace refined sugar with agave syrup, Date sugar or Coconut blossom sugar replace. In this contribution you can find more exciting information on the topic of sugar.

A plate of pasta is one of your favourite dishes? You don't have to give this up either, but you can replace the normal pasta made from wheat flour for example with our Sprouted ribbon noodles You can substitute spelt wholemeal flour or pasta made from lentils and chickpeas. With pulses you get a good portion of protein and can enjoy your pasta without a guilty conscience.

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3. prepare at least one meal yourself

If cooking isn't one of your favourite things to do, take it slowly and aim to cook at least one meal a day. You can find simple recipes in our Recipe category.

4. a healthy start to the day

Start your day right: Muesli and fresh seasonal fruit will fill you up and give you energy for the day. But here too, of course, it depends on what kind of muesli you eat. Always check the list of ingredients and nutritional values. Often muesli hides one or two sugar bombs that it doesn't need. In our shop you will find Muesli completely without added sugar, with germinated wholemeal cereals.

Germinated muesli
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5. one portion of fruit or vegetables per meal

The German Nutrition Society recommends at least three portions of vegetables and two portions of fruit per day. If you have had very little fresh fruit and vegetables on your plate so far, you can start by including at least one portion of fruit or vegetables per meal. This can be an apple in the morning and for the remaining meals you can choose simple recipes with vegetables. Besides our Recipe category you can find on our partner blog alkaline fasting also a lot of simple and quickly prepared recipes with lots of vegetables.

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