BLACK FRIDAY - A black day for the environment or a gentle day for the wallet?
BLACK FRIDAY - A black day for the environment or a gentle day for the wallet?

BLACK FRIDAY - A black day for the environment or a gentle day for the wallet?

The shopping day of the year: Black Friday. Many are happy to be able to save money, but this day also has a few downsides. We have compiled our thoughts and suggestions on how you can use the discounts responsibly for you in this article.

What is Black Friday anyway?

Black Friday actually comes from the USA: it always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It is considered the start of a traditional family weekend and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Heavy discounts, originally mainly in retail, encourage the purchase of products. In the meantime, many other countries have adopted this tradition and online retailers also advertise heavy price reductions. These discounts are often not only available on Black Friday, but also for a whole week, and some even reduce prices throughout the whole of November.
Especially in today's economic situation, we are happy about every cent we can save. However, savings can also tempt us to buy things we don't even need. Greenpeace has already called Black Friday a black day for the environment, because our high consumption is using up more and more resources and thus driving the climate crisis.

Black Friday

Tips for responsible consumption

So let's be responsible with the discounts. What do we really need, what can we do without? It can be helpful to write a list before the big Black Week shopping with everything that is really needed. It also makes sense to set a budget so as not to get into an excessive buying frenzy. Don't rush into major investments either, but compare offers with other suppliers. If you need any other suggestions on how to save money, take a look at our article on how to save money. 5 saving tricks to counter inflation on. If you follow these tips, you will not only protect the environment, but also your wallet. Nothing will stand in the way of a successful Black Friday shopping trip.

Our conclusion

Of course, everyone is happy about offers and especially shortly before Christmas and in the current economic situation, it is nice to be able to save a little. However, we believe that Black Friday should also be viewed with a critical eye and purchases should be made consciously - for the sake of the environment. You've definitely come to the right place, because our products are real food, sustainably produced, 100% organic and climate-neutral. During Black Week, you can save money when you buy our packages, for example on the Tasting Pack Creamy Soups.

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