8 tips on how to lose weight without a gym
8 tips on how to lose weight without a gym

8 tips on how to lose weight without a gym

Don't worry, we're not trying to sell you a special cream, the latest diet trend or anything else that will give you a healthier and fitter body in just 10 days. January is one of the most important months of the year, especially for the health and fitness industry. It is full of topics about losing weight. Gym memberships are offered at reduced rates, magazines advertise the latest and most effective tips for losing weight, and there are even tablets that supposedly help you reach your desired weight. But do you really need all that to lose weight, get fitter and healthier? Of course not!

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Gyms, diets and co. - How can you do without them?

In one of our previous posts we have already looked at the Low-carb diet looked at. Diets can help you lose weight quickly, but they are usually not the solution for maintaining your desired weight in the long term and living a healthy life. The yo-yo effect is often the result of such diets and may end up putting even more kilos on the scales than we had before the diet.

It is therefore much more important to deal consciously and intensively with the topic of nutrition, but also exercise, and to consider how the desired weight can be achieved and then also maintained in the long term.

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Lose weight without a gym - 8 tips:

  • Reduce fast food and sweets: Instead, make sure you eat healthy, wholesome and fresh food. Include more fruit and vegetables in your weekly schedule. And if the craving for chocolate or crisps is too strong, eat one of our delicious fruit bar or our puffed snacks!
  • Movement: Even without a gym, exercise is important when it comes to losing weight. Exercise supports sustainable success in losing weight. But it doesn't have to be sport in the classic sense. More movement in everyday life is enough. Whether it's dancing while cleaning, going for a walk, doing weight training at home, taking the stairs instead of the lift, going to the office to see your colleagues instead of calling them, or cycling to the supermarket. There are many ways to consciously and unconsciously incorporate movement into everyday life.
  • Cook yourself: In industrially processed foods, we often do not know what is really inside, where the ingredients come from and how they have been processed. Therefore, start cooking more yourself and use mainly fresh food. Then you'll always know exactly what's in your food. And homemade food usually tastes best anyway! 😊 If you're in a hurry, get ready-made products that are healthy and rich in nutrients. Our soups are great for such emergencies!
  • Regular meals: Even if you think it doesn't matter when you eat because the calories are the same: Unfortunately, this is not true. Our body and therefore also our metabolism function according to an "inner clock". The more you disturb it by eating chaotically and irregularly, the more you slow down your metabolism in the long run, and losing weight no longer works.
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Drink a lot: As with fast food and sweets, it is also important to watch what you drink and in what quantities. Drink water or tea instead of cola, soda or other sugary drinks. You should drink 2-3 litres of water or tea a day because it stimulates your metabolism. If you can't drink that much during the day, try to get water from water-rich foods (cucumber 96%, watermelon 92%, spinach 96%, orange 87%, raspberry 87%, tomato 94%, strawberry 90%).

Fun: Losing weight should be fun. Sounds strange, but it's important. If you don't have fun or enjoy the process of losing weight, the journey can quickly become a torture and the likelihood of giving up increases. Think about what you generally enjoy and what can help you lose weight (e.g. cooking or learning to cook, going for a walk, taking a dance class, trying new foods, cycling, exercising with friends).

Chew thoroughly: Chewing thoroughly can help us enjoy meals more slowly and support our stomach in its digestive work. The more thoroughly we chew, the easier it is for our stomach to do its job. Thorough chewing takes time. It is so tiring and tedious that you get full with a much smaller amount of food.

Sleep and relaxation: While we sleep, our body regenerates and our metabolism runs at full speed. It uses this time, when we are not eating and not active, to do its restructuring and cleaning up work. The resulting waste products are then excreted through the skin, the breath, the kidneys and the intestines. So the longer your nightly meal break and sleep phase, the more you support your metabolism.

(Not) a golden rule

It becomes clear that there are many ways to lose weight. Going to the gym is one of them, but it is not suitable for everyone. As different as we are as people, so are the weight loss methods that exist. Some are cheaper, some more sustainable, some healthier and some more effective than others. But one thing is clear: you can do as much exercise as you want without the right diet. It is more a combination of the right diet, exercise, but also fun and motivation that are necessary to lose weight.

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  1. Ingrid Burmester

    Hello dear Fabienne,

    by the way, my daughter has the same name :). my problem is that I can hardly move, years of office work, I have terrible pain in my back and joints every day, walking with my nordic walking sticks is now torture after less than half an hour. for the most part I eat healthily, which means mainly fruit and vegetables, only an egg or some meat at the weekend, but my problem is too much coffee and just little exercise. I am almost 66 years old and will retire next week, where unfortunately a big financial loss is to be expected.
    Nevertheless, do you have any good advice for me?

    very dear greetings
    and thank you in advance
    Ingrid Burmester

    1. Fabienne

      Hello dear Ingrid,

      Thank you for your kind comment and your honesty.
      I am sorry that you are suffering from bad pain in your back and joints. As I am not a doctor, I can only help you to a limited extent. I would rather recommend that you discuss these complaints, if you haven't already done so, with a doctor who knows you and your history. The fact that you are eating healthy is great. Nutrition has a great effect on our body and our health and can alleviate many physical complaints. We have found, for example, that a diet rich in alkaline substances can also help with joint problems. At https://www.basenfasten.de/blog/basenfasten-fuer-die-gelenke/ you can find a great article on this topic. But here, too, you should consult a doctor beforehand. Coffee and too little exercise seem to be a problem for you. One to two cups of coffee a day is quite tolerable. Be aware of how many cups of coffee you drink a day and why you drink them. Maybe it is a bad habit that can be changed by drinking a cup of tea or something similar.

      I wish you all the best!

      Kind regards

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