How to make your New Year's Eve more sustainable
How to make your New Year's Eve more sustainable

How to make your New Year's Eve more sustainable

2022 is drawing to a close. Now, at the latest, we start planning for New Year's Eve and think about our resolutions for next year. The environment plays an important role in many resolutions. So why not start the new year in a more environmentally friendly way? However, alternatives to fireworks and lead pouring do not mean giving up, but rather discovering new possibilities. This New Year's Eve, we're focusing on trying out new things and possibly even developing new traditions. We present some great ideas for a sustainable New Year's Eve. 😊

Fireworks New Year's Eve


Fine dust pollution, noise, rubbish - despite all the negative aspects, fireworks are simply part of New Year's Eve for many. New Year's Eve fireworks have their origins in the ancient Germanic tribes. They used to light wooden wheels to drive away darkness and evil creatures. This symbolism can also be used with torches or a bonfire in the garden. Dress warmly, put on hot drinks and invite friends and neighbours. This way you can celebrate the New Year in a relaxed atmosphere. If you don't want to miss out on the colourful lights, you can also hand out colourful lanterns. If it has to be fireworks for you on New Year's Eve, you can watch a public fireworks display or at least join forces with as many people as possible to reduce pollution a little.

Lead casting

The origin of lead casting also goes back a long way: it was already practised in antiquity with the aim of predicting the future. Since lead is both harmful to the environment and to health, it was banned by the European Union in 2018. Tin is now used as an alternative. Since wax remains are often left over during the Christmas season, these can also be used. Melt the wax residue and fill it into ice cube moulds. If you don't have any wax leftovers at home, you can also use coffee grounds and interpret them. We have also prepared a great and at the same time super delicious oracle for you: Our Puffed snack-Oracle! And this is how it works: Fill all 5 snacks into a bowl and mix them well. Now everyone draws 5 snacks one after the other. You can use the table to evaluate which items will play a special role for you in the coming year. Have fun! 😊

Puffed Snacks Oracle

The New Year's Eve Party

First of all, you can also celebrate the New Year without a party. Why not use the day to relax a little and reflect on the year? 😊 Make yourself comfortable, read a book or watch your favourite film. Take time to reflect on the past year. What are you most grateful for, what are you proud of and what have you grown from? Based on these thoughts, you can also make resolutions for the new year. What do you want to change, what areas do you want to focus on in the coming year? Do you want to start the next year vegan? Then you can this article perhaps help you with the implementation. You want to eat healthier? Our All-round carefree package for a week of alkaline fasting gets you started on the dietary change. Many people start their New Year's Eve celebrations in the evening. But you can also organise the day in a nice way. For example, go for a New Year's Eve walk or even a New Year's Eve run. If you are still busy with preparations during the day, you can also take a short night hike to a beautiful vantage point and watch the New Year's Eve fireworks from there. Instead of a big party, you can also play board games in a small circle, have a film marathon or cook together.

The New Year's Eve menu

Whether at the New Year's Eve party or in a small circle. Food always plays an important role. Try to make it sustainable as well. For example, cook a menu of seasonal and regional dishes. You can also ask your guests to all contribute something to the buffet. That way there is something for everyone. If there are leftovers, you can invite friends or neighbours to a leftover meal the next day. Or everyone can fill a Tupperware container with leftovers at the end of the party and take them home. 😊 Need inspiration for a fancy New Year's Eve meal? How about some delicious Spelt wrapswhich everyone can fill as they wish or alternatively Pizza Wafers?

Spelt warps with falafel

Also try to make the tableware sustainable. Use real tableware instead of disposable tableware or make finger food only so that you can do without tableware altogether. Instead of paper napkins, you can also use cloth napkins and if you need straws for your drinks, use glass straws. 😊

The New Year's Eve decoration

Decorations are often underestimated, but they can add a special touch to your party. If you already have New Year's Eve decorations, you may be able to reuse them. If you need new decorations than last year, borrow some from friends or buy items that you can also use for next New Year's Eve or, even better, for the whole year. Instead of buying new decorations, you can also make them yourself. For confetti, for example, you can punch holes in old paper. Or you can make lanterns out of our soup jars. You can find instructions here.

DIY lanterns

International New Year's Eve customs

Other countries also have sustainable customs. In addition to our ideas, you can also draw inspiration from them for your New Year's Eve celebrations. 😊 In Spain, for example, it is said to bring good luck if you eat 12 grapes at the stroke of 12 bells at midnight. In the Czech Republic, it is customary to cut an apple in half. If the casing has a star shape, good luck awaits you in the coming year. 😊

Do you have any other great ideas for a sustainable New Year's Eve? Then share them with us in the comments! 😊 In any case, we wish you a happy new year! 😊

Image Fireworks: Adobe Stock, winyu, #226331431
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