Alkaline tigernut porridge: three alkaline breakfast wonders
Alkaline tigernut porridge: three alkaline breakfast wonders

Alkaline tigernut porridge: three alkaline breakfast wonders

We are thrilled and hopefully you will be too! May we introduce? Our wonderful and alkalising tigernut porridges - specially developed for your alkaline fasting cure.

Tigernut porridge base - simple and pure

Our tigernut porridge base is the "classic" among the new varieties, or should we rather say our "everybody's darling". Because there's no way you can go wrong with it. It offers you a nutty-sweet flavour experience without any added sugar. The sweetness comes solely from the tigernuts. The porridge is grain-free, organic and vegan and is ready in just a few minutes: simply pour hot water or plant milk over it. It's the perfect choice if you like things quick and easy in the morning, but don't want to compromise on quality and flavour.

Tiger nut porridge chai - a touch of the exotic

Our tigernut porridge chai is just the thing for anyone who likes things a little spicier. A pinch of chai spice mingles with the gentle sweetness of the tigernuts - a breakfast that feels like a short holiday. And the best thing about it? It's just as quick to prepare as your morning coffee. This porridge is an ode to all those who have little time in the morning but still value breakfast. The combination of fibre and alkaline properties makes it not only delicious, but also very digestible.

Tigernut porridge blueberry - fruity and fun

Last but not least: our blueberry tigernut porridge. For anyone looking for a little colour in their morning: Our Blueberry Tigernut Porridge not only adds flavour, but also fun to your bowl. It combines the sweet flavour of tigernuts with fruity blueberries, which is not only delicious but also a visual highlight. This colourful breakfast fun is particularly popular with children.

A healthy breakfast that suits you

Our Tigernut porridges are more than just breakfast. They are an invitation to consciously experience every morning. They provide a nutrient-rich base, support your acid-base balance and are incredibly uncomplicated. Regardless of whether you are the quick type in the morning or treat yourself to a quiet minute with a special breakfast - these porridges adapt to your life. Buy the tasting pack of tigernut porridge now and find your favourite porridge:

tasting package - tiger nut porridge
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