Carrot Orange Muffins
Carrot Orange Muffins

Carrot Orange Muffins

Eating vegetables doesn't have to be boring. Our carrot and orange muffins are proof of that. They are perfect for the healthy sweet tooth in you, because our Wacker date sugar organic and the fresh orange juice provide a natural sweetness. 🙂

Carrot Orange Muffins

Carrot muffins

Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Course: Trifle, Dessert
Servings: 5 Muffins



  • Vegan cream
  • Orange peel


  • Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
  • Add the liquid ingredients and mix everything together. Now grate the carrots and fold them into the batter.
  • Pour the batter into a muffin tin and bake the muffins in the oven for approx. 25 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.
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