Good mood breakfast
Good mood breakfast

Good mood breakfast

This vegan breakfast will put you in a good mood this winter! 😊❄️
The combination of cocoa, dark chocolate, ripe banana, nuts and sprouted oatmeal ensures relaxation and contentment in the brain thanks to the trytophan it contains. This is because the amino acid trytophan produces the happiness hormone serotonin in the body. Did you know that?

Good mood breakfast

Good mood breakfast

Servings: 1




  • Put the milk, muesli, cocoa, salt, vanilla & a mashed banana in a saucepan and bring the porridge to the boil.
  • Let it simmer for another 3-5 minutes on a low flame and stir from time to time. Add a little more water if the porridge is too firm for you.
  • Then pour the porridge into a bowl and spread the delicious blueberry-banana sauce, chocolate chips, walnuts and half a banana over the porridge. Enjoy your meal 🙂
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