Schupfnudel pan
Schupfnudel pan

Schupfnudel pan

Have you ever made Schupfnudeln yourself? If not, it's high time you did. Try out this delicious vegan Schupfnudel pan and expand your cooking skills 🙂

Sprouted Schupfnudel Pan with Wacker Sprouted Wheat Flour Organic

Schupfnudel pan

Cook Time: 48 minutes
Servings: 1 People



  • Boil the potatoes until soft and then peel off the skin.
  • Then mash finely with a potato masher and knead sprouted wheat flour with potato starch and spices into a homogeneous dough.
    (if the dough is still a little soft, just add a little more flour)
  • Now quarter the dough and roll out on a well-floured surface and divide into small pieces, then form the Schupfnudeln from them.
  • Clean and chop the mushrooms, fry with oil in a pan until most of the water has boiled away.
  • Chop the onion, add to the mushrooms and sautĂ© well, add the peas and sautĂ©.
  • Add the Schupfnudeln and fry until golden brown, deglaze with the vegetable stock and add the cedar puree. Let everything boil down a little and season well with the spices.
  • Serve on plates. Enjoy your meal.
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    1. Traude

      I tried the recipe for schupfnudeln yesterday. However, I boiled them in water, not just fried them as stated in the recipe. That seemed illogical to me. I also used spelt flour instead of your wheat flour. They were very, very soft. Today I just put the ones I cooked yesterday in the airfryer and that really did them good and they were extremely tasty. Thank you for the recipe.

      1. Fabienne

        Very good idea with the Airfryer!
        We are glad that you like the recipe and that you have changed it a bit for yourself.
        There are simply no limits in the kitchen 🙂

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