Sprouts and why they should not be missing from your diet
Sprouts and why they should not be missing from your diet

Sprouts and why they should not be missing from your diet

Advertorial. Have you ever germinated seeds yourself? Not yet? We'll explain why it's absolutely time. Because sprouting is super healthy and also easy to do. Why we should eat sprouts more often, how the sprouting process works and what you should keep in mind, you will learn in this blog post.

Difference seeds & sprouts

Does it make a difference whether you eat, for example, a sunflower seed or a sunflower seedling? Yes, because a seed is the dormant form of a plant, while germination is the growth process. Later, when the style, leaves and flower form, the nutrients are concentrated in the individual parts of the plant. The seedling, however, contains the entire power of the plant. So if we want to eat the entire vitamin power of a plant, we should reach for the seedling. Sprouts are sold in supermarkets, but they are also quick to make yourself 😊

Germination process explained

Do-it-yourself sprouting is very easy. All you need is a sprouting jar, water and the seeds to be sprouted. Any seed that is edible as a plant is suitable for sprouting. If you want to be sure, take another look at our overview.

Suitable seeds for germination
Try our sprouted spelt pasta now!

Here's how:

Germination - This is how it works!
Ever eaten sprouted oatmeal?

Always make sure that the germination jars are absolutely clean. If they are not clean, undesirable microorganisms can multiply and mould can form. Always smell the sprouts before you eat them! If they smell even slightly musty, do not eat them at all, but dispose of them quickly!

Otherwise, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from germinating - so no need to wait and try it out 🙂

Sprouted grain to buy

Sprouting is not difficult. Nevertheless, sometimes you don't have the time and patience to germinate regularly yourself. The grains and pulses in our products are germinated in a controlled manner. Shortly after the first sprouts are visible, roughly as in the picture below, the grain contains the perfect nutrient composition. Then the germination process is stopped and the grain is dried using a special process. It is then processed further, for example flaked or milled as flour. So if you don't have the time and patience to always germinate yourself, you can fall back on our products and benefit from the concentrated mineral power 🙂

Germinated oats
Try our sprouted mueslis now!

Would you like to delve deeper into the topic? Then we can recommend the book alkaline fasting with sprouts recommend

This information does not constitute medical advice and should not be construed as such. Talk to your doctor before changing your regular, doctor-prescribed treatment regimen.


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  3. Marina Daude

    Hello! I am a newcomer to alkaline fasting. After 7 days I have experienced a great change in and on my body. I would definitely like to continue. Now I am looking everywhere to see what I can make myself.
    Since I have really never eaten alkaline before, I am still unsure when it comes to sprouted grains.
    Can you germinate the spelt wholemeal and make a dough for baking bread?
    I have only used sprouts for salads so far.

    1. Hello Marina, we are glad that the cure did you so well! On our partner blog http://www.basenfasten.de/blog you will find a lot of information about alkaline fasting. In our shop you will also find 2 germinated bread baking mixtures and germinated flours. However, you have to experiment a bit with the recipes because they behave differently than normal flours. That's why I would recommend our bread baking mixtures for now 🙂
      Kind regards from the Wacker Team 🙂

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