Sleepless nights in summer? How to relax even in the heat
Sleepless nights in summer? How to relax even in the heat

Sleepless nights in summer? How to relax even in the heat

Does the heat also rob you of sleep? The days are hot and it doesn't really cool down at night either. That can really spoil our sleep. In the evening, our body triggers a series of reactions that are supposed to prepare us for sleep. Among other things, the blood vessels dilate so that heat can escape and our body temperature drops. In this kind of heat, this is not possible and our inner clock can be disturbed.

With our tips, you can counteract this and don't have to do without a restful night's sleep in high summer.

Provide cooling

Good sleeping hygiene includes a pleasant ambient temperature of 16 - 18 degrees. This is hardly feasible in summer, unless you move into the basement. Therefore, find another way to cool down:

  • For example, take a shower just before you go to bed. But don't run ice-cold water on yourself, as this will cause you to have hot flushes later on after a short, intense cool-down. Instead, take a lukewarm shower and don't dry yourself off completely. The cooling effect lasts longer because of the moist skin.
  • Place a glass of water and a bowl of cold water next to your bed. We can regulate our body temperature somewhat by drinking. Our extremities are particularly good at dissipating heat. If you can't get the temperature down at all, put some cold water on your hands and feet.
  • Take a hot water bottle to bed with you: Not with boiling water, of course! Fill the hot water bottle with water when you get up in the morning and put it in the fridge for the rest of the day. In the evening, simply wrap a towel around it and take it to bed with you - this will keep you cool for a longer period of time.

It all depends on the right fabric

Warming materials like wool are banned from the wardrobe for the time being. Instead, wear short clothes made of cotton or silk as pyjamas. It's better to avoid clothes made of polyester, which makes us sweat more. The right fabric also plays a role when it comes to sheets. Cotton, linen and silk have a cooling effect and are therefore the perfect materials for the warm season.

Eating the right things

You can also influence your sleep in summer with your diet. You should not eat too late, preferably at least three hours before bedtime. Don't go to bed super full or hungry. It is also important, especially in summer, to avoid hard-to-digest meals and hot spices in the evening. A light, fresh meal is just the thing, for example one of our soups, which you can also enjoy cold. But steamed vegetables or potatoes with cottage cheese are also a good dinner.

Wacker Organic Tomato Soup
Our creamy soups in particular are perfect for a quick and light meal. Try now!

And now we wish you restful nights so that you can enjoy the summer even more! 😊

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Image Woman sleep disorder: Adobe Stock, stokkete, #461255742


  1. Claudia Kleinekemper

    Due to my intestinal and liver disease, despite a good, healthy diet that finally helped me to get healthy again, I came to the alkaline diet. It's a path I'd like to take everyone on, because my life today is more relaxed, peaceful, alert and fun-loving than it has ever been. I feel very much at home and my body thanks me every day!

    1. Fabienne

      Hello dear Claudia,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We are very happy to hear that the alkaline diet is so good for you and your body.

      We wish you all the best and above all good health!

      Many greetings

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