6 tips for a stress-free & cosy Christmas season
6 tips for a stress-free & cosy Christmas season

6 tips for a stress-free & cosy Christmas season

The Christmas season: cold temperatures, candlelight, cosy evenings at home and time together with the family make up this time for many. At the same time, however, the time can also mean stress. The year is coming to an end, Christmas presents have to be bought, the shops are overcrowded. It also gets dark very early and it can quickly become uncomfortable outside. And then there's the Christmas tree. The flat has to be spotless before the relatives come to visit and a special Christmas menu has to be cooked. So it's no wonder that stress can quickly overshadow the cosiness.
With a few Christmas routines, stress stays away from you despite all the hustle and bustle and you can enjoy the time to the fullest.

1. snacking - but in moderation

Biscuits, marzipan, mulled wine - the Christmas season is full of treats and especially those of us with a sweet tooth can't resist. That's basically no problem, but often your conscience gets in the way or you have a few extra kilos on the scales after the Christmas season. The result: you suddenly feel bad after the high that biscuits & co. brought you. And this feeling can stress you out even more. The solution: snacking is allowed, but only in moderation. Try not to snack any more than usual and simply replace your usual snacks with Christmas treats 😊 Find out how to bake healthier in this article: Christmas time is biscuit time - Healthy alternatives for your recipes.

Enjoy butter biscuits

2. sport & exercise in the fresh air

It's cold, dark and uncomfortable outside. We prefer to make ourselves comfortable on the couch at Christmas time. But we should still get some exercise. A walk in the fresh air is also good for your immune system 😊 And an evening on the couch feels much better after a sports programme or a winter walk. Besides, is there anything nicer than arriving home warm after a bit of exercise in the cold?

3. plan purchases

Christmas is coming and I still don't have any presents! Does this sound familiar? Finding THE right gift for your loved ones just before Christmas causes stress. Often you can't think of the right idea at such short notice. The best thing to do is to plan your Christmas shopping in advance. Do you see something that your family members might like? Write it down. If in doubt, you can also ask your loved ones for their wishes. That way, you can be sure you're getting the right gift. If you have absolutely no idea what to give your friends and relatives, here are a few suggestions. 5 sustainable gift ideas for every occasion. We also have some lovely Christmas packages in our Shop There's bound to be something for everyone! For example, how about a delicious muesli?

Wacker Christmas Pack Sprouted Mueslis Organic

4. mindfulness exercises

Just a few minutes a day are enough. Allow yourself one or two moments in which your thoughts are only with yourself! This decelerates and gives you more energy. Whether it's consciously breathing in and out or eating slowly and consciously - there is a suitable mindfulness exercise for every person that helps you to come down, switch off and forget all stress and worries for a moment.

5. heat

Make yourself comfortable! Tea, candlelight or a hot water bottle do you good in the dark and cold season and warm you not only from the outside, but also from the inside. By the way, you can now find sustainable hot water bottles in our Shop.

Wacker Organic Base Tea

6. sleep

As we know, sleep is always important to start the day refreshed. In winter, we feel even more tired and should allow our bodies the extra sleep.

Having a hard time implementing our tips? We've created a tracker for you to help you get through the Christmas season stress-free. Enter a habit, e.g. mindfulness exercise, and tick the box every time you incorporate it into your day. 🙂

Tracker for the Christmas season

Image Relaxation at Christmas time: Adobe Stock, Viktoriia, #189962811

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